The place of paint


The Second Day  

     The City of Locarno is situated at the northern tip of Lago Maggiore, a body of water shared by both Italy and Switzerland. After having fortified ourselves with an ample feast of frothy coffee, fresh bread and marvelous marmelade, we set out on a stroll past the Kursaal located in the immaculately groomed grounds of the Giardini Pubblici and on toward the Church of Saint Antonio, in whose cemetery reposes one of the ringleaders of Dada, the genial artist and poet Hans Arp.

    Shortly after getting underway, we passed the town of Ascona through the splendid mountain landscape of the Valzasca with its tiny pitturesque villages, and the Val Maggia and Centovalli shadowed by groves of majestic chestnut trees traversed by shallow streams, rapid and clear in the sunlight.

     Ahead of us, loomed the now familiar parapets of Bellinzona.

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