Manifesto Z


Provincialism is national, idiocy is universal, art is local.
(Maurice Vlaminck)

It always amazes me that, when we get into a hot bath, we do
not melt like a cube of sugar.
(Jean Cocteau)

The direction forward is the direction inward.
(Friedrich Hölderlin)

A painting should be as well-built as a sailboat.
(Edgar O. Ferguson)

There is nothing new under the sun. Even I could have said that.
(William Copley)

I don't know where it's going, but I'm on the same train as Marcel Duchamp.
(Willem De Kooning)

It is not easy to make a good painting.
(Frank Stella)

Learning the alphabet can be viewed as a religious experience.
(Nyle Drake)

Poetry requires the best hours of the day.
(Charles Algernon Swinburne)

A painting should be seen and not heard.
(Raoul Block)

When I'm uncertain as to which color to use, I put down black in that place. Then I go on painting until the right color comes along.
(Henri Matisse)

I know when a painting is finished when I have eliminated the idea.
(Georges Braque)

The character of an artist is revealed in every brushstroke.
(Ezra Pound)

Art is a pharmaceutical product for imbeciles.
(Francis Picabia)

Why is it that in every city I hear lions roaring?
(Max Beckmann)

Put up or shut up.
(Jackson Pollock)

I am interested in the ossature, not the intestines.
(Wyndham Lewis)

Why is it that Realism is associated with vulgarity
of expression, never with nobility of spirit?
(Egon von Schmetterling)

If the heart is in it, all is well.
(Marianne Moore)

There is no solution because there is no problem.
(Marcel Duchamp)

The only thing that helps is doing something truly fine.
(Henry James)

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